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Cosmetic Surgery Costa Rica

Dr. Nava –  Senior Plastic Surgeon in Mexico

Dr. Cherte- Senior Plastic Surgeon in Costa Rica

Plastic Surgeon in San Jose, Costa Rica

Over 25 years of experience. International experience.
Over 250 procedures Each year.
More than 2,500 satisfied patients.
Fluent in English, Spanish.
More than 25 International published papers



  • General Medicine , Autonomous University of Central America , San José , Costa Rica .
  • General Surgery , University of Costa Rica , Hospital San Juan .
  • Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery , National Autonomous University of Mexico, Hospital General de Mexico.
  • Certified by the Educational Commission of Foreign Medical Graduates, USA , 1990.
  • Member of the Association of Residents and ex-residents in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.
  • Member of the Association of Plastic Surgery of Hospital General de Mexico .
  • Member of the Costa Rican Association in Plastic, Esthetic and Reconstructive Surgery.
  • Member of the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery , ISAPS.


  • Instructor in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Ibero University . San José , Costa Rica .
  • LII National Medical Congress, San Jose , Costa Rica , November-December 1992.
  • Lip and Cleft Palate Clinic, Guanajuato , Mexico , October, 1994.
  • XXVI National Congress of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. Puebla , Mexico , February 1995.
  • X Actualization in Burned Patient and XV National Congress Mexican Burns Association. Veracruz.Ver, April 1995.
  • International Symposium in Breast Reconstruction. México D.F October 1996.
  • Symposium: Heritance and Cancer. México D.F October 1996.

  • Symposium: Advances in Esthetic Plastic Surgery. México D.F 1996.
  • Pre-test course for residents in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery .Mexican Association of Plastic, esthetic and reconstructive Surgery. January 1997.
  • I Glycolic Acid Peeling Seminar, Neostrata. August 1997.San José , Costa Rica .
  • Actualization Course in Plastic Surgery. Costa Rican Association of Plastic, reconstructive and Esthetic Surgery. June 1998.
  • Facial Esthetic and Body Contouring Course. Costa Rican Association of Plastic, Reconstructive and Esthetic Surgery. July-August 1998.
  • III Esthetic Surgery Course "Dr Jose M. Arguedas Soto". May 1999.


  • Participant in over 30 international courses and conferences
  • Participant in 20 Costa Rican courses and conferences


  • Has published more than 15 scientific papers in the most important journals of his specialty
  • "Daño muscular por isquemia y reperfusión repetidas. Problemática del análisis histopatológico" En Cirugía Plástica, Vol 5 num. 3 1995 pp 92-95
  • Isquemia y reperfusión repetidas en el músculo serrato de rata".En Revista médica del Hospital General de México. Vol 58, Num 3, 1995 pp112-117.
  • Utilización de Colgajo escapular libre para la reconstrucción de mandíbula : reporte de un caso. En Acta Médica Costarricense.
  • Úlceras por presión: Manejo quirúrgico en pacientes de un Centro Nacional de Rehabilitación durante el periodo de Agosto 1997 a Agosto 1999...En Cirugía Plástica Iberolatinoamericana, 28(1): 63-68, ene, feb, mar 2002.
  • Reconstrucción mamaria con colgajo recto abdominal : Reporte de los primeros 15 casos.
  • En Acta Médica Costarricense. Tercer mejor trabajo original publicado en el 2002.
  • Plastic Surgery for students . Editorial UCIMED. 2008
  • Professor in surgery Universidad de Ibero América desde mayo 1998.
  • Professor in surgery Universidad de Ciencias Médicas " Andres Vesalio Guzmán".

Our Medical agents stand at your complete disposal to schedule your complimentary medical review with Dr. Chertefor a plastic surgery in Costa Rica at 1-914-361-5443 (US Number)


My Costa Rica plastic surgery offers all inclusive packages including a tummy tuck in Costa Rica and a liposuction in Costa Rica. You will benefit with affordable plastic surgery and affordable cosmetic surgery.

The plastic surgery cost of your Costa Rica surgery is up to 75% less than USA rates and you will have access to leading board certified Costa Rica plastic surgeons.

In addition to plastic surgery in Costa Rica packages, we also offer gastric bypass, lap band, gastric banding and cosmetic dentistry.

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